The fiber is first opened in the edge runner. The fiber mix of grade 3 to 5 (as required) is prepared and this is again processed through hydro disintegrator  to further open it to  attain buoyancy of around 1400 on a measurement of 2000 c.c. The fiber thus opened is sent to vertical mixer where cement is added . The ratio of cement & fiber is 85 : 15 by weight. Cement and fiber mixed in the very high speed mixers at approximate 750 RPM.

 The slurry thus prepared is sent to the forming machine where the slurry is poured on the mandrels which has number of holes and which is under vacuum and the pipes is formed on the mandrels. The pipe thus formed is transferred to the calendaring machine where it is pressed between the rollers under hydraulic pressure & Vacuum System Suck the extra water of pipes from the calendaring machine, the pipe is taken to the extraction trolley and pipe is removed from mandrel, which again goes back on the forming machine.

The pipes are kept for 24 hrs. on cement platform where they become semidry and after 24 hrs. they cut, trimmed and turned on the turning machine. The pipes than kept in water tank queering for 21 days. Each & every pipe is thereafter tested on the  required  hydraulic test pressure. We also check bursting & crushing and bending stress. There offer ready for dispatch.